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Free and easy trade mark searching

TMchecks is a free Chrome extension for you to quickly check for trade marks


  • No retyping
  • No new tabs opening
  • No switching browser tabs


  • Search over 150 million trade marks
  • Quickly confirm official results for detailed analysis


  • Simple to understand results
  • Send results to your e-mail
  • Share results with your team

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Why you need to check trade marks

Whether you’re drop shipping or starting your Print on Demand (POD) business, not infringing other people’s trade marks is important. Trade mark infringement is illegal, even if accidental.
You risk wasting your time and effort if you don’t check. Your ecommerce store may be shut down if a trade mark infringement complaint is made against you.
Even worse, you may get banned from major platforms like RedBubbleTeespring and Etsy or be sued by the trade mark owner, and therefore negatively affect the ability to earn revenue.

You’ll love our *** FREE *** Chrome extension

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  • No new tabs opening
  • No tab switching
  • No retyping


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  • Simple to understand results
  • Save the results to your e-mail
  • Share the results with your team

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I love the TMchecks extension. Its helped me quickly check that I won’t infringe someone else’s trade marks with the words I use in my designs. Its a very important step that new business owners can easily forget to do. If I want others to respect my IP rights in my designs, then I should respect the IP rights of others by checking first.

Ella J.

I have several successful Shopify stores for dropshipping men’s fashion accessories. The TMchecks extension has saved me lots of time by avoiding notices of trade mark infringement that I’d need to deal with.

John S.

I’ve been running my Print-On-Demand (POD) business for several years. Having such a convenient tool like this TMchecks extension means I can focus on thinking up with new memes and designs for t-shirts without worrying about interruptions to my e-commerce income. I like the confidence of my Etsy shop not having its listings removed. Or worse … having my Etsy shop banned for trade mark violation.

Lauren B.
Is the TMchecks extension safe?
  • Yes. The Chrome extension has been checked by Google’s security team. The extension is more transparent by publicly displaying our privacy practices.
  • Users can turn on Enhanced Safe Browsing in their Google Chrome browser for even more protections.
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Our data is encrypted at rest and in transit.

Where I can learn lessons from other businesses about trade mark risk?
Who created the TMchecks extension?

The TMchecks extension was developed by in 2021. More tools for savvy business owners and entrepreneurs are planned and we are looking for your support. The mission of is to help busy and non-legal people to safely navigate the intellectual property (IP) world and to protect their own valuable IP where appropriate. makes IP easy so that you can focus on building your business into a great success.

How do I install and use the TMchecks extension?

Step by step instructions on how to install and use the TMchecks extension are here via this link.