About Us

Who made it

The TMchecks Chrome extension was created by Berserq.io. The mission of Berserq.io is to help busy or legally unsophisticated folks to safely navigate the intellectual property (IP) world and also to protect their valuable IP, where appropriate. Combining their tech and legal skills, David and James of Berserq.io have a shared vision of making trade mark checking easy for business owners with one-click.

Why use it

The TMchecks Chrome extension provides guidance that entrepreneurs can trust. No longer do they need to worry that their ecommerce shop or Etsy store will get suspended because of a trade mark violation or complaint. If they do a simple trade mark check each time before listing a product, they can be assured their income won’t get disrupted.

What's next

Berserq.io is planning to make more tools for savvy business owners and entrepreneurs. Stayed tuned and subscribe to our mailing list.

If you like the TMchecks Chrome extension or have any feedback for us, please give us some ❤️ by sharing links to us or writing about us. We need your support to continue to grow!

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