How to install the TMchecks extension

  • Visit the chrome web store page for the TMchecks extension via this link
  • Click the "Add to Chrome" button
  • Click the "Add extension" button
  • Click the extension icon
  • Find the "TMchecks extension" then click the pin beside it.
  • The pin should turn blue after you click it.
  • The TMchecks extension will now permanently display next to the address bar.

Installation complete!

How to use the TMchecks extension

  • Click the TMchecks extension icon next to the address bar in the Chrome web browser.
  • Sign in using any method. This is to prevent abuse of the TMchecks extension (e.g. automated/robotic searching)
  • Highlight a word on a web page with your mouse, for example, "Franki"
  • Mouse right click to bring up the mini menu
  • Mouse left click on "TMchecks"
  • A notification should pop-up
  • Click the TMchecks extension icon
  • The results window displays. In this example, "Franki" is already a trade mark for someone else, and is unavailable.
  • Click the source to confirm and see further details like who is the owner and when the trade mark was filed and for what classes of goods & services.
  • You can share the results by clicking the envelope icon with your friends and colleagues if you are brain storming naming ideas and name candidates for your new business or product.