Free business or product name generators

Free tools to help you find the perfect business name or product name

Need help creating a name for the TMchecks chrome extension to search?

  • Try the name generators below and enter a couple of words to start generating catchy names.
  • Remember to highlight the word(s) to check and right click with your mouse to launch the TMchecks chrome extension to quickly look up those word(s) if they are existing trade marks.

Next Steps

Now that you've found a great name what you like, what's next?

Consistency for your brand is key to avoid confusing your users/customers

Check you can use the name
  • Check that the word(s) you like for the name can be used before spending any money on marketing or spending any time on other steps.
  • For each name generated by any of the sites above, use the TMchecks chrome extension to check if that name/word(s) has been trade marked by someone else.
  • Highlight the word(s) you want checked, then right click with your mouse to search via TMchecks for a quick and free trade mark check.
  • If TMchecks says that its "Maybe Available", then consider using it since no one has registered the trade mark.
You can trade mark it

Don't forget that you can trade mark your words (if available) by filing your own trade mark application.

Register a domain name for it

Register the domain name for yourself or your company if its available.

Create a stylised version of it, i.e. create a logo

Use any of the free logo generators available on the Internet and add some color and style to your name. This logo could also be protected by filing a trade mark.

Incorporate a company and/or register a business name

Consider incorporating a new company for your business, and register the business name. The liability of the shareholders of the company (i.e. you) is limited and you will not be personally liable for the debts of the company.

Register the handles on social media platforms

Create accounts and social media handles (usernames) corresponding to your name, like on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn.